Jay-Aimee Designs

Since its inception in 1988, Jay-Aimee Designs has strived to supply the mass retailers in the United Stated with fine jewelry that combines modern technology, old world craftsmanship and creative marketing.  

As the computer industry evolved, Jay-Aimee Designs heavily and increasingly incorporated the advanced technologies that became available, always watchful to maintain the high quality that was the Company's repute. The most visible development was with personalized jewelry classification, beginning with Portraits on Gold, a precision engraving of any photograph on a gold charm. This won acclaim in many homes providing an instant heirloom.

This technology further enhanced the full compliment of personalized jewelry from Monogram Name Rings and Plaques, to Family Jewelry. They now produce a limitless selection within this classification Along about the millennium, Jay-Aimee Designs purchased their first offshore facility in Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic.  

This provided the ability to reduce costs and still maintain consistency, with quality always at the forefront. This facility put demands on Jay-Aimee Designs which mandated prime sourcing of colored stones and diamonds.    

In 2002, Jay-Aimee Designs added a new direction to its jewelry business, which proved to be a successful endeavor. Importing Stainless Steel and watches was a path that led to a rapid expansion and growth to the company. Presently Jay-Aime Designs is considered as a major importer of Stainless Steel products to the USA market. 

Jay-Aimee Designs has matriculated in a relatively short time to an excellent jewelry and watch resource, providing their customers with creativity, quality, consistency, profitability and quality.